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Catering appliances are essential to the smooth running of any professional kitchen.
Chefs like equipment that help them do their best, so it's important not to compromise on power, performance, functionality or reliability. We can help you if you are starting a new business or wanting to expand your current one.
This section includes cooking machines, food prep equipment and drinks machines from market leading brands such as Buffalo, Rowlett, Thor, Lincat, Dynamic, Classeq, Robot Coupe as well as others. There’s also a great selection of spares and accessories which can help you save money when it comes to fixing your catering appliances. Additionally, we have food display units and warewashing solutions and a wide range of cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners, professional washing machines and waste disposal units.
Basically, we've got everything you need to keep your kitchen or bar running smoothly.

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AE071 - Robot Coupe Cusine Kit Robot Coupe Cusine Kit - Ref 27393 AE071
Our Price: £261.24 (313.49 inc VAT)
AE402 - Robot Coupe Bowl / Cutter Bowl Robot Coupe Bowl/Cutter Bowl - Ref 39221 AE402
Our Price: £147.24 (176.69 inc VAT)
C528 - Samsung Microwave Manual Dial Heavy Duty - 1850watt 26Ltr Samsung Manual Microwave Oven CM1919 C528
Our Price: £617.49 (740.99 inc VAT)
C529 - Samsung Microwave Programmable Heavy Duty - 1850watt 26Ltr Samsung Commercial Microwave Oven CM1929 C529
Our Price: £636.49 (763.79 inc VAT)
CB102-N - Imperial 6 Burner & Griddle Range Imperial Restaurant Range (Nat) (.) CB102-N
Our Price: £6,583.49 (7,900.19 inc VAT)
CC810 - Dualit Hand Mixer Chrome (No Commercial Warranty) Dualit Chrome Hand Mixer 89300 CC810
Our Price: £51.29 (61.55 inc VAT)
CC853 - Lincat CT1 Conveyor Toaster Lincat Conveyor Toaster CT1 CC853
Our Price: £778.99 (934.79 inc VAT)
CD053 - Panasonic NE1027BTQ 1000w Microwave Oven Panasonic 1000W Microwave Oven NE1027BTQ CD053
Our Price: £493.99 (592.79 inc VAT)
CD084 - Polar REFRIGERATOR St/St - 600Ltr (UK) Polar C-Series Upright Fridge 600Ltr CD084
Our Price: £788.49 (946.19 inc VAT)
CD440 - 2 Burner LPG Gas Hob Parry 2 Burner LPG Hob AG2HP CD440
Our Price: £408.41 (490.09 inc VAT)
CD442 - 6 Burner LPG Gas Hob Parry 6 Burner LPG Hob AG6HP CD442
Our Price: £930.99 (1,117.19 inc VAT)
CE180 - Liebherr Under Counter Forced Air Fridge Liebherr Under Counter Forced Air Fridge
Our Price: £579.99 (695.99 inc VAT)
CF001 - Dynamic Dynamix Stick Blender DMX 160 - 160mm 7" Dynamic Dynamix Stick Blender MX050 CF001
Our Price: £132.99 (159.59 inc VAT)
CF003 - Dynamic Mini Cordless Whisk Dynamic Mini Cordless Whisk FT010 CF003
Our Price: £366.69 (440.03 inc VAT)
CF004 - Dynamic Junior Stick Blender MX225 - 270watt 225mm 9" Dynamic Junior Stick Blender MX020 CF004
Our Price: £298.29 (357.95 inc VAT)
CF005 - Dynamic Junior Plus Stick Blender DMX225 - 270watt 225mm 9" Dynamic Junior Stick Blender MX021 CF005
Our Price: £359.09 (430.91 inc VAT)
CF006 - Dynamic Junior Stick Whisk Dynamic Junior Stick Whisk FT005 CF006
Our Price: £317.29 (380.75 inc VAT)
CF008 - Dynamic Senior Stick Blender MX300 - 300watt 300mm 12" Dynamic Senior Stick Blender PMX98 CF008
Our Price: £422.74 (507.29 inc VAT)
CF009 - Dynamic Senior Plus Stick Blender DMX300 - 350watt 300mm 12" Dynamic Senior Stick Blender MX006 CF009
Our Price: £475.94 (571.13 inc VAT)
CF012 - Dynamic Master Stick Blender Dynamic Master Stick Blender MX004UK CF012
Our Price: £508.24 (609.89 inc VAT)
CF257 - Dynamic Dynamix Combi 160 Pack Dynamic Dynamix Stick Blender Combi MX052 CF257
Our Price: £206.14 (247.37 inc VAT)
DN582 - Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer J80 Ultra Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer J80 Ultra DN582
Our Price: £1,063.99 (1,276.79 inc VAT)
DN586 - Samsung CM1519XEU 1500w Microwave Oven Samsung 1500W Microwave Oven CM1519XEU DN586
Our Price: £569.99 (683.99 inc VAT)