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Browse our range of disposable products as well as cleaning supplies. We have everything from burger boxes, takeaway containers and food labels to washing machines, soaps and signage.
Whether you're after cleaning chemicals from brands such as Mr Muscle and Domestos or mop heads and blue roll, we have all the vital products to ensure things are kept clean and sanitary.
Our disposable products are perfect for all eateries as they provide a way to cut down on food waste. Our disposables include Satco containers, foil containers and cake boxes. Additionally, we stock Vegware's bio-degradable products.
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CC485 - White Sugar Stick (1000 x 2.5g) White Sugar Stick (1000x2.5g) CC485
Our Price: £11.39 (13.67 inc VAT)
CC486 - Brown Sugar Stick (1000 x 2.5g) Brown Sugar Stick (1000x2.5g) CC486
Our Price: £11.39 (13.67 inc VAT)
CC546 - Tomato Sauce Sachets (200x9g) Tomato Sauce Sachets (200x9g)
Our Price: £4.36 (5.23 inc VAT)
CD792 - Jantex Coppercote Scourer (Pack 20) Jantex Coppercote Scourer (Pack 20) CD792
Our Price: £5.12 (6.14 inc VAT)
CD902 - Fiesta Green Wooden Knife (Pack 100) Fiesta Green Wooden Knife (Pack 100) CD902
Our Price: £2.84 (3.41 inc VAT)
CD903 - Fiesta Green Wooden Fork (Pack 100) Fiesta Green Wooden Fork (Pack 100) CD903
Our Price: £2.84 (3.41 inc VAT)
CE249 - Paper Baguette Bag - 12" (Box 1000) Paper Baguette Bag - 12" (Box 1000) CE249
Our Price: £72.19 (86.63 inc VAT)
E148 - Prepped Product Labels EDLP Vogue Prepared Food Label (Roll 500) E148
List Price: £6.99 (£8.39 inc VAT)
Our Price: £6.64 (7.97 inc VAT)
Savings: £0.42
E166 - Restaurant And Kitchen Check Pad Fiesta Triplicate Pad White (Pack 50) E166
Our Price: £47.49 (56.99 inc VAT)
F955 - Solonet Cloth Jantex All purpose Non-Woven Cloths Blue (Pack 50) F955
List Price: £3.80 (£4.56 inc VAT)
Our Price: £3.79 (4.55 inc VAT)
Savings: £0.01
F960 - Jantex Sponge Scourers (Pack of 10) EDLP Jantex Foam Scourer (Pack 10) F960
Our Price: £2.84 (3.41 inc VAT)
F961 - Griddle Cleaner Pad Holder Griddle Cleaner Pad Holder F961
Our Price: £6.64 (7.97 inc VAT)
F962 - Griddle Cleaning Pad (Pack of 10) Griddle Cleaner Pad (Pack 10) F962
Our Price: £6.64 (7.97 inc VAT)
F963 - Griddle Cleaner Screens (Pack 20) Griddle Cleaner Screens (Pack 20) F963
Our Price: £6.64 (7.97 inc VAT)
GC598 - Nescafe Original Coffee Nescafe Original Granules - 750g GC598
Our Price: £29.44 (35.33 inc VAT)
GC599 - Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Nescafe Gold Blend - 750g GC599
Our Price: £36.09 (43.31 inc VAT)