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Browse our massive collection of kitchen equipment from food storage and knives to cookware and kitchen hygiene. Whether you need pots, pans, baking trays or any other cookware, we have it all! We stock products from brands such as Hygiplas, Vogue, Klip It and Olympia to name just a few.

We have a wide variety of knives for different uses, including cheese knives, kebab knives and oyster knives. Additionally, we have various food storage containers to meet all needs that are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. We also have sinks and water filtration systems which are perfect for restaurant kitchens and portable wash basins for events.
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C686 - Victorinox Fibrox Black Handle Slicing Knife Round Tip - 25cm Victorinox Fibrox Slicing Knife 25.5cm C686
Our Price: £27.54 (33.05 inc VAT)
C688 - Victorinox Fibrox Black Handle Slicing Knife Round Tip - 36cm Victorinox Fibrox Slicing Knife 35.5cm C688
Our Price: £35.14 (42.17 inc VAT)
C837 - Vogue Nickel Steel Lifter - 230mm dia 530mm handle Vogue Spider 9" C837
Our Price: £23.74 (28.49 inc VAT)
CB887 - Hot Milk Dial Thermometer - 45mm Coffee Milk Thermometer 5in CB887
Our Price: £8.54 (10.25 inc VAT)
CB908 - Vogue St/St Prep Station - 1200x600x1500mm Vogue St/St Prep Station - 1200x600x1500mm CB908
Our Price: £394.24 (473.09 inc VAT)
CD550 - Microwave Shelf St/St - 490x560x460mm Vogue Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf CD550
Our Price: £99.74 (119.69 inc VAT)
CE141 - Vogue St/St Deep Pot Sink - 770mm (w) x 600mm (d) Vogue Deep Pot Sink CE141
Our Price: £415.50 (498.60 inc VAT)
CE884 - Dynamic Manual Salad Spinner E10 - 10Ltr Dynamic Manual Salad Spinner 10Ltr CE884
Our Price: £103.54 (124.25 inc VAT)
CE885 - Dynamic Manual Salad Spinner E20 - 20L Dynamic Manual Salad Spinner 20Ltr CE885
Our Price: £113.99 (136.79 inc VAT)
CF106 - Deluxe Dumbwaiter with Doors (Walnut) (Direct) Deluxe Dumbwaiter with Doors (Walnut) (.) CF106
Our Price: £465.49 (558.59 inc VAT)
CF938 - Vogue Serrated Speed Peeler Vogue Serrated Speed Peeler CF938
Our Price: £3.60 (4.32 inc VAT)
CF952 - Kitchencraft Butterfly Can Opener Kitchen Craft Butterfly Can Opener CF952
Our Price: £1.42 (1.70 inc VAT)
D053 - Vogue Speed Peeler Vogue Speed Peeler D053
Our Price: £1.89 (2.27 inc VAT)
D440 - Vogue Double Handle Cheese Knife Vogue Double Handled Cheese Cutter 38cm D440
Our Price: £35.14 (42.17 inc VAT)
D477 - Professional Cheese Knife Cheese Knife 25cm D477
Our Price: £19.94 (23.93 inc VAT)
DP022 - Vogue Chip Scoop Vogue Chip Scoop DP022
Our Price: £16.14 (19.37 inc VAT)
GD053 - Vogue Polycarbonate Chef Bowl Vogue Knife Case 7 Slots GD049
Our Price: £8.07 (9.68 inc VAT)
J081 - Rubber Ended Spatula Vogue Spoonula 14" J079
Our Price: £2.18 (2.62 inc VAT)
J226 - Dial Thermometer Araven Koala Ingredient Bin 14Ltr J225
Our Price: £2.18 (2.62 inc VAT)
J616 - Spaghetti Tongs Vogue Steak Tongs 20" J615
Our Price: £4.55 (5.46 inc VAT)
J673 - Chip Shovel Vogue Fat Skimmer 8" J670
Our Price: £28.49 (34.19 inc VAT)
K062 - Clear Squeeze Sauce Bottle Vogue Yellow Squeeze Sauce Bottle 8oz K056
Our Price: £1.23 (1.48 inc VAT)
K393 - Can Opener Vogue Carbon Steel Omelette Pan 250mm K379
List Price: £12.49 (£14.99 inc VAT)
Our Price: £10.44 (12.53 inc VAT)
Savings: £2.46
K790 - Bourgeat Excellence Casserole Pan Kinox Insulated Teapot Black 1 Ltr K785
Our Price: £56.99 (68.39 inc VAT)
K903 - Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan - 1/1 Full Size Vogue Stainless Steel Egg Ring K893
Our Price: £13.29 (15.95 inc VAT)
K923 - Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan - 1/1 Full Size Vogue Cutlery Dishwasher Rack K910
Our Price: £16.14 (19.37 inc VAT)